What is it like for students to live on campus during the week?

The Campus Life Program at the Arkansas School for the Deaf is responsible for providing our students a safe and educational "home away from home" environment for all of our students after school hours.  Our dorm rooms are cozy and filled with friends.  We are well staffed with dedicated, nurturing houseparents 24 hours a day. Health care is provided by a fully licensed nursing staff.


Campus Life is designed to foster student growth, development, and educational achievement. Residential students arrive at ASD Sunday evening and return home Friday afternoon.  Therefore, we provide extensive after-school programming.


The goals of the program include providing students the opportunity to grow into mature, independent young adults with the ability to manage decision making situations and to assume leadership roles. Our Campus Life activities develop their collaborative abilities and strengthen their social skills based on the individual's needs and interest. Students have access to a broad range of after-school programs and activities. 


Field trips, organization meetings, clubs, community projects, athletics, intramural games and tournaments are some of the activities that are provided to address the following areas: 

  • Tutoring 
  • Literacy and Math
  • Leadership
  • Emotional and social skills
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Appreciation for different perspective
  • Respect for diversity

For additional information about ASD's Residential Program, please contact JR Courtright, ASD's Campus Life Director.