Cartoon of student on laptop  Technology @ASD

ASD is proud to offer state-of-the art technology for our students and staff throughout our campus.  Each classroom has at least 2 desktop computers, a SMART Board, an LCD Projector, and document cameras.  Each school building has a computer lab for use for group projects and activities. We have a Visual Intercom system to communicate messages across campus, and a visual Emergency Communication System that can alert staff and students to emergencies 24 hours a day across campus. Teachers are trained in and dedicated to integrating all forms of technology in their classrooms to engage their students, and have recently undergone training that emphasizes Project-Based Technology Integration emphasized in the Common Core State Standards.

In July, 2012, many members of ASD's professional staff attended G.E.E.K. Week, a week-long workshop that focused on technology integration and mobile learning.  Each participant in G.E.E.K. week received an iPad for use with their students. Plans are underway to continue this Professional Development to expand to every classroom on campus this year, which will include acquiring Mobile Learning carts for classroom use.

For questions about ASD's Technology programs, please contact Stacey Tatera, ASD's K-12 Technology Coordinator.